Happy New Year!

   Hi all! So it has been awhile since my last post,  it is now 2014, the kids are out for winter break, they were supposed to go back to school tomorrow but it Snowed about 4 inches today so they’re out tomorrow also.  I am going a little nuts,  just a little though, I am ready for them to go back almost as much as they are ready to go back themselves.

   Christmas was good, I think they got mostly what they wanted, the husband too, I didn’t receive anything but alas such is the life of the mom,  we’re always doing for everyone else never for ourselves. 

   The baby has started walking since I last posted, he’s a good baby but not much for sitting still,  always on the move.  It’s fun and exciting but at the same time sad because he’s growing up so fast,  he’s not a baby anymore he’s officially a toddler.   He had his first birthday already!  

   I started my weight loss journey on the 2nd, so it’s only been 3 days but I’m doing fairly well,  have cut out soda and started excersizing and drinking lots of water, so wish me luck on that,  I want to be healthy again,  I’m not so worried about being skinny and cute like I would’ve been maybe 10 years ago, but I want to be healthy, so I’m able to play with the boys outside and live long enough to are them all grow up and live their lives.  So I will be updating more about that as I continue this journey. 

   I thank God every day for giving me these boys and this family,  so I want to be around to enjoy all of it,  so that’s what this year is about.   I hope you’ll all stick around as we take 2014 by the horns! 

   What are some of your plans for this year?