Wow, where did the time go?

Well it’s been a bit since my last post, tor the very few that followed me and will actually see this, I apologize. It is now August of 2016 so yeah…

It will take me a few posts to get back in the swing of things, but this is something I want to do, something that I enjoyed doing and helped me get my thoughts out if nothing else.  And if a few people read it and relate, we’ll that’s even better.

Let me start with so much has happened, as one would expect seeing as its been 2 years since my last post.  The kids are now all 6 in school so for the first time in i don’t even know how long this mama has a bit of quiet time during the day.  Most days are spent running errands and staying busy, but there’s been at least one day that I stayed home in my pajamas all day, how sweet it was.

My youngest baby is now 3 and in preschool and my oldest is 17 and graduates high school this year!  It’s been a wild ride, and so far from over. My 15, almost 16 year old moved in with his dad over Thanksgiving break last year and that was rough, I did not and am still not dealing with that whole situation very well but I have to just give it to God and pray that things will eventually work out.  And I do, I pray so much for him and for things to work out for him and for us, the family, because we all miss him and are feeling the effects of everything that happened surrounding the situation and still continues to happen. The other boys are doing fairly well, we have our ups and downs as can be expected with a house of teenagers, preteens and toddlers but for the most part things are good.

I’m going to call it a night, maybe go take a shower because 6:30 am comes really early, but I am going to start keeping this up again, even if just for my own sanity.  So goodnight all and I hope you are well.



Happy New Year!

   Hi all! So it has been awhile since my last post,  it is now 2014, the kids are out for winter break, they were supposed to go back to school tomorrow but it Snowed about 4 inches today so they’re out tomorrow also.  I am going a little nuts,  just a little though, I am ready for them to go back almost as much as they are ready to go back themselves.

   Christmas was good, I think they got mostly what they wanted, the husband too, I didn’t receive anything but alas such is the life of the mom,  we’re always doing for everyone else never for ourselves. 

   The baby has started walking since I last posted, he’s a good baby but not much for sitting still,  always on the move.  It’s fun and exciting but at the same time sad because he’s growing up so fast,  he’s not a baby anymore he’s officially a toddler.   He had his first birthday already!  

   I started my weight loss journey on the 2nd, so it’s only been 3 days but I’m doing fairly well,  have cut out soda and started excersizing and drinking lots of water, so wish me luck on that,  I want to be healthy again,  I’m not so worried about being skinny and cute like I would’ve been maybe 10 years ago, but I want to be healthy, so I’m able to play with the boys outside and live long enough to are them all grow up and live their lives.  So I will be updating more about that as I continue this journey. 

   I thank God every day for giving me these boys and this family,  so I want to be around to enjoy all of it,  so that’s what this year is about.   I hope you’ll all stick around as we take 2014 by the horns! 

   What are some of your plans for this year?

I’m Blessed

  I’m going to make this a short one but couldn’t help but go ahead and write this tonight, I feel exceptionally blessed tonight. Tomorrow my family will all be back together after a few days of everyone being somewhere else, I’ve enjoyed my quiet time with the babies but am ready for the other ones to come home, they’re a crazy bunch, but they’re mine.

   Right now it is 11:40pm and I should be in bed but instead I’m spending this last peaceful night with Parker watching “Jake and the neverland pirates” his new favorite, he’s just laying here in my lap silent, watching intently. And I’m feeling God has blessed me much more than I deserve even though on occasion I feel cursed, I know that is not the case at all, they are wonderful and I love my family. 

   They make me want to be a better person, to show them the good in the world when there is so little. I want them to be the kind of boys that grow into respectful, successful men that everyone admires and looks up to.  And tight is one of those nights that I feel like that’s attainable, I’m happy tonight, I feel good, and that’s pretty much all I have to say tonight just wanted to express it and let anyone who is trading this know even amongst all the stress 6 boys cause, a big family is still the biggest thing God has ever blessed me with.